Start making money today!

Could your business
use an ATM?

ATM Connect, LLC is able to provide your customers with instant access to cash on demand to use in your business at no cost to you.

Earn Profit Every Month

ATM Connect will split our surcharge fee of the machine at your location with you, so you can just sit back and collect. Start earning a profit on your most underused floor space.

Increase Your Foot Traffic

With an ATM at your location, it will increase customer traffic that you can convert into sales. With access to cash at your business location, 20% of those who withdraw money will stay and spend with you!

Lower Your Credit Card Fees

Placing cash in the hands of your customers allows them to have flexibility in their spending. For you it saves you money on merchant processing and all those credit card fees.

Retain Your Customers

Keep your customers at your business by providing an ATM that allows them instant access to their cash. When a customer has to leave your establishment for cash, statistics show less than 10% return to make a purchase.



ATM Connect LLC is able to provide ATM service to any location in need of a money machine. Delivery, installation, programming, regular maintenance, and upkeep are all FREE OF CHARGE! We will work with you to select the best spot within your premises to position the terminal(s). We stock a number of models and styles of machines, so we can select the right ATM for your location. Floor models occupy only about four square feet of area, and we have wall-mount units where floor space is at a premium.

Requirements from you are:

  • Secured location with high visibility
  • Electricity


  • No Cost ATM placement with Profit Sharing
  • Placement is done by ATM Connect LLC to ensure quality service
  • Profit Sharing is based upon the number of transactions and is a percentage of the surcharge revenue
  • ATM signage and digit mapping to ensure high visibility to the customers
  • ATM Connect LLC is able to provide ATM service to any location in need of a money machine

Zero Investment
All Profit
No Risk