ATM Connect will ensure that each client is satisfied 24/7, 365 days out of the year.

How can I benefit from an ATM?
Zero Investment all profit! The first thing most businesses consider in any decision is the associated cost. That means that it will never cost a business owner money to have an ATM set up and operate at any location. Businesses that use our ATMs get a profit share from all surcharges, which increases depending on the level of traffic your business generates. Unlike most ATM companies, we reward businesses that have greater levels of traffic with higher profit share rates. If that’s not enough you also benefit from:

– Reduced credit card processing fees
– Increased foot traffic for your business
– Retaining your customers and keeping them in your facility
– Securing your sales and back up your business in the event of an outage

Are there any monthly charges or hidden fees for my ATM placement?
Absolutely not! There is no charge for setting up, operating or advertising the ATM on the business property.
As a business owner, would I receive any profits from the ATM?
Yes, you get paid! We share with you a portion of the surcharge revenue every single time the ATM is used.
My business accepts credit cards - is it still worthwhile to place an ATM?
YES! ATM’s are not only a method of providing people with cash, ATM’s are also a marketing platform that drive customers to a location, and increase foot traffic and sales within your business. According to ATM Experts, having a machine on premise in a business can increase retail sales by up to 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM. This means that if someone withdraws $60 from an ATM, which is the average withdrawal amount in the USA, they are likely to spend up to $30 of the $60 withdrawn.
How do I load my ATM?
Each ATM is loaded by a trained professional on a regular basis to ensure that your customers have access to cash. This saves you the time and hassle of guaranteeing your machine has available funds.
Who handles the maintenance and repairs for the ATM?
ATM Connect handles all maintenance and repairs to our machines at absolutely no cost to the business or location owner. We use only the most professional service providers when doing so. We keep our machines clean and attractive, because we know how important presentation is to your business, and ours.
What’s included with each ATM placement?
– ATM Risk Insurance
– ATM Cash Loading
– ATM Maintenance & Servicing
– ATM Internet Connection
– ATM Lighting (if required)
– Google Map ATM Location Markers
What are the requirements to qualify for a free ATM placement?
Qualifying for one of our ATM machines to be placed at your location is very simple. If the desired location for the ATM is within our service area (Southern California), just contact us and we’ll schedule a free consultation at your location. If your premises have adequate foot traffic and passes our basic safety & security guidelines, we can have a newly programmed ATM installed and ready to operate within 10 business days. Please call (626) 824-2310 to set up an appointment.